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                                    Strives For Survival By Quality, And Strives For Development By Reputation

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                                      Fabulous Group (Xiamen) Co., Ltd was invested and established by British Virgin Islands Fabulous International Holdings Co., Ltd. in April, 2002 with the registered capital of 20 million dollars. Its business scope covers integrated sales of steel structures, curtain wall, building materials, sanitary and bathroom equipment, and household electric appliances, and manufacturing of electronic technique/integrated circuit/semiconductor and other electron devices , as well as design, research and development, manufacturing and sales of intelligent devices and etc. Always following the purpose of “Quality First, Credibility First and First-rate Service” and adhering to the management idea of “Strive for survival on the basis of quality and Pursue development with credibility”, F......

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                                    With Talent As The Main Body And Pproduct Quality As The Forerunner, We Pursue The Corporate Culture Of "Honesty, Pragmatism, Innovation And Win-Win Situation"

                                    What are the common types of stone used in house de

                                    What are the common types of stone used in house de

                                    Stone is a common decoration material in house decoration. It can be said that except for ceiling paste, stone has a place in other places. So, what are the common types of stone in house decoration? Lets chat w...



                                    What kind of stone is the best for the stovetop?

                                    We will choose tile or stone for the kitchen stove. In addition to being beautiful, we will also consider the convenience of cleaning. So color choice is very important. The popular...




                                    What are the stages of stone matt surface technology?

                                    The matt surface of the stone, the stone with a gloss between 15 and 25 degrees, can be called a matt surface. The gloss of this interval is soft and does not appear rough, which ca...




                                    Several craftsmanship methods of bathtub covering stone

                                    The taste and grade of the bathroom are greatly improved because of the stone. In addition to walls, floors and countertops, the combination of bathtub and stone makes bathers intox...


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